ATS Services

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IT-Academic Technology Services (ATS) is available to help you identify and integrate appropriate and effective technologies to achieve your individual teaching goals.

Custom project development

Let ATS add some interactive punch to your course web site. We can help you locate existing learning objects, develop a custom learning object, and integrate these objects into your course.


Video conferencing enables two or more sites to have a collaborative meeting face-to-face with participants at a distance. Cameras and microphones are used at each site to send the pictures and sound of participants to each other in real time. The result is a meeting that can occur anywhere in the world without the expense of traveling.

ATS offers full-service, room-based facilities with a personal technician to handle all technical details, a self-service facility that is easily operated through a push-button control panel and remote control, and a bridging service that will bring together up to 12 sites simultaneously.  We also provide support for desktop conferencing programs such as Adobe Connect, Canvas, Google Hangouts, and Skype.

For more information, please see our Conferencing website.  To request a studio conference, please use our ITV Studio Request form.

Course web site and innovative learning activity design and development

We’re available to talk with you about CanvasSakai, Dreamweaver, Google Sites, and WordPress web site authoring environments for course web sites. We can also help you design learning activities that leverage mobile technologies and social media. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Grant review

We will assist in the planning of technology components for instructional grants. Contact us to discuss your needs.


ATS staff are available to assist with any of the items listed in our toolbox listing. You can contact us for help identifying an appropriate technology for your needs, to get more value out of your existing technology choices, or to integrate new approaches with your course instruction.

UD Capture

UD Capture is an automatic classroom capture system that records traditional classroom meetings for on-line use. It is easy to use and benefits both faculty members and students. There is no extra setup or new equipment to learn. The capture appliances behind the scenes will record automatically according to your class schedule. Remember, you’re not on camera. UD Capture records the visuals from your projected laptop or optional document camera and the audio from the room.  Just come and teach your class like usual!

Video (including instructional video modules)

We offer a variety of solutions to meet your video needs. Studio recordings with a dedicated technician are available free of charge for UD credit courses.  We also support a number of computer screen capture recording software options, and provide hosting services for your personal course video archives.

For more information, please see our Video Recording (this site needs major editing before we link it) website. To request a studio recording, please use our ITV Studio Request form.

Additional Services

UD Capture Purchase information

Departments are welcomed to purchase a UD Capture system for their non-centrally scheduled classrooms and meeting areas.

The UD Capture boxes are available for purchase $4,000 for the first year, $2,000 each additional year. All installation, upkeep and maintenance will be performed by ATS. Recordings can be delivered to individuals via dropbox, or uploaded to the video server.

UD Capture appliances are currently available for purchase. Contact jnova at for more information.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

ATS supports the creation and use of open educational resources as textbook supplement or alternative. You can browse materials authored by UD faculty on the Open at UD web site, or search for free open learning materials online. Contact us if you want to request a consultation on the benefits of publishing and using OER.