iclicker 6.2 start screenNew software improvements

  • Sakai@UD integration is the default for easier roster syncing.
  • Collect demographic info and compare results through a stacked column display.
  • Switch courses without closing the i>clicker program.
  • Limit responses to your class roster--solves the problem of capturing input from neighboring classes.
  • Fresh simple design.

New hardware changes

  • White receivers are installed in all centrally scheduled classrooms.
  • Black receivers are not fully compatible with the new software--please return black receivers to 201 East Hall.
  • Instructors using i>clicker may request a remote with a laser pointer that controls the polling software and concurrently running slideshow.
  • i>clicker2 is the recommended model for students purchasing a clicker for fall.
  • A blend of both student models (original and i>clicker2) can be used in the same class to respond to multiple choice (A-E) questions.

Strategies for working with i>clicker and i>clicker2

iclicker2 hardwarei>clicker2 is the new standard model sold at the UD Bookstore. Thousands of original i>clickers are in circulation on campus. The good news is that the two models work identically when responding to multiple choice (A-E) questions. Faculty can continue to use the same questions and techniques as they have in the past.

IT recommends that you allow students to participate with either clicker model in your class (i.e., that faculty do not burden students with the additonal expense of purchasing the new model if they currently own the original i>clicker).

For faculty working with a mixed i>clicker and i>clicker2 class

To use features only available with i>clicker2 without penalizing students with the original i>clicker we suggest: encouraging small group student discussion and accepting a random sample of responses to further class exploration or withholding credit for non-multiple choice (A-E) responses. Studies show that multiple choice (A-E) class responses provide an overall picture of understanding that faculty can use to effectively guide learning exercises.

For faculty whose students all own the i>clicker2 model

The i>clicker2 allows the submission of up to 16 alpha-numeric characters in response to questions. It also supports self-paced polling. Indicators suggest that the vast majority of clicker questions will remain multiple choice even when text entry is an option.


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