Student Engagement Mini-Conference

December 7, 2012

How do students use their web-enabled devices during your class? Do they use them to bring material to the class discussion and to take notes? Do they access Facebook, YouTube, and The Review? Or, do they do all of the above—and at the same time? Is student engagement affected? What classroom management strategies are available that are consistent with your teaching philosophy?

9:00 a.m.
Dr. Douglas Duncan, Director of Astronomical Laboratories, Director Fiske Planetarium, Professor, Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences at the University of Colorado, returns to UD to lead a best practices session focused on limiting external distractions and utilizing clickers to promote student interaction. Recording

10:30 a.m.
Victor Fitzjarrald, Director of Technology DC-21 at Denver Public Schools, Founder and CEO at Cellular Education, champions the use of web-enabled and cellular devices as viable in-class learning tools. Recording

12 noon
A panel discussion on the impact of web-enabled device use by students in the classroom setting. Steve Bernhardt, Department of English, moderates the luncheon session. Panelists include: Duncan, Fitzjarrald, and UD community members including Jill Flynn, Department of English. In addition to the presentations, IT Academic Technology Services will share UD student survey results.  Panel Highlights

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Conference notes

Student survey results


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Review Ad

Survey ad placed in UD's student newspaper, The Review, on November 13, 2012.

Doug Duncan

Jill Flynn


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