Conferencing FAQs

Do you have an idea for a video conference, but are unsure of where to start? You've come to the right place. Video conferencing can take on many different forms and use a variety of equipment.

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  • What is Videoconferencing?

    Videoconferencing connects two or more sites for a live face-to-face meeting through specialized equipment using IP or ISDN standard H.323 protocols. It provides a very reliable video connection but is only available if the far site has a compatible system. All ATS studios have videoconferencing capabilities and can record the discussion upon request.

  • What is Skype?

    Skype connects two sites for a live audio/video chat through personal computers. The quality of the call relies on the speed of the computers' Internet connections. All ATS studios are capable of connecting via Skype for large meetings and can record the discussion upon request.

  • What is Adobe Connect?

    Adobe Connect uses an internet connection between two or more personal computers to create real-time, interactive meetings and classes. An instructor can speak live to multiple participants through audio, video, and text chat components. The system also provides sharing of all screen content. Meeting rooms are accessed by invitation through a web browser and the meetings can be recorded for future viewing.

  • What is the difference between Full-Service and Self-Service conferencing?

    With full-service conferencing a technician is provided to control all technical aspects of the conference. Self-service conferencing requires the participants to take control of the technical requirements. It is recommended for recurring meetings or course lectures, and is only available in the Willard Hall studio. For more information on self-service conferencing see our website.

  • What is a Webinar or Webcast?

    Webinars and webcasts are live one-way presentations delivered through a website. Participants can often use a text chat to ask live questions, but generally cannot speak to the presenters. ATS studios can be used to show a webinar or webcast to a large audience; however, we cannot record the presentation without permission from the host.

  • What is a Satellite Downlink/Uplink?

    A satellite program is broadcast through a dish to a satellite in orbit. A downlink is a program received through a satellite, and an uplink is a program transmitted or sent to a satellite. The University's satellite dish is located on the roof of Pearson Hall, and all programming comes through the studios in Pearson. For pricing and more detailed technical information, please see our Downlink and Uplink webpages.

  • General Questions

  • How do I request a conference?

    Please use the web form link located on our conferencing homepage.

  • What are the costs for conferencing services?

    There are no fees for conferences related to numbered courses. Please refer to the current pricing information on our website for all other requests.

  • Can I use the ATS studios to connect to anyone with Skype?

    Yes, provided the person on the other end has a computer with Skype installed and a video camera attached. You would need to provide us with the Skype name of the person connecting.

  • Can I use the ATS studios to connect anywhere with videoconferencing?

    Yes, provided the far site has a compatible system. Our technicians will work with you to determine whether a connection is possible.

  • How do we know whether the connection will work?

    Our technicians will contact the Skype user or the technical person at the far site and conduct a test of the systems prior to the conference.

  • How many people can attend a conference?

    We have multiple rooms with varying seating capacity. Please refer to our website for more information.

  • Can my conference be recorded?

    Yes, we can provide a copy on DVD, but we must have permission from all participants who appear on camera to put the conference on a website for future viewing. Please also refer to our website for cost information.

  • Possible Scenarios

  • I am a graduate student and one of my professors will be out of town during my thesis defense. Can I use videoconferencing for him/her to attend?

    Yes, we can hold your presentation in one of our studios and your professor will be able to participate in the live discussion via videoconferencing or Skype. There is no charge for this service.

  • I am a graduating student and I have a job interview with a company that wants to meet with me using videoconferencing/Skype. Can I use a studio?

    Yes, please refer to the pricing list on our website, and put in a request using the form located on the same page.

  • I need to attend a committee meeting with colleagues at another institution. Can I use a studio to connect via videoconferencing?

    Yes, please refer to the pricing list on our website, and put in a request using the form located on the same page.

  • I have a guest speaker for my class that is only available through videoconferencing/Skype. Can I hold class in a studio and connect to the speaker?

    Yes, please put in a request using the form located on our webpage. There is no fee for conferences associated with numbered courses. If the conference is recorded for use in future classes, release forms must be obtained from guest speakers and students appearing on camera.

  • I have been asked by a major news network to be a guest on a network program. Can I use an ATS studio for the connection?

    This type of satellite uplink is available on campus through the Media Services department. Please call 831-3557 for more information.

  • An organization is having a national meeting and is broadcasting the proceedings with a satellite downlink. I would like to have my students view it and have it recorded for future classes. Is this possible in the ATS studios?

    The studios can be reserved for the class to view the broadcast, and it can be recorded with permission from the host. Please use our request form on the conferencing website to reserve a studio. Please also see our satellite downlink page for information regarding costs and technical requirments.

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