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What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a complete web conferencing communications solution. The system uses an Internet connection between two or more computers to create real-time, interactive online meetings, presentations, and classes.

Sample video from Fred Hofstetter
Overview video from Adobe
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What are pods?

What are pods?

Pods are additional tools that can be placed in a layout, customized, and arranged. When designing a layout, select Pods from the navigation bar to choose from a list of pods to add. Use all of the pods in the list or only a few. The pods can be dragged and resized in Adobe Connect.

Navigation bar

Customize settings such as blocking guest access, changing attendee roles, inviting more people, using an Audio Setup Wizard, recording the meeting, putting attendees on hold, managing the meeting information, creating and assigning sub-groups, and much more.

Select from pre-made layouts or opt to create your own layout with custom pods, specifically designed to fit your needs.

Set up your layout by customizing it with pods. Add a poll, share the presenter's notes, or allow attendees to take their own, utilize the chat pod, share files or web links--whatever will make your meeting or eLearning experience unique.

Who can speak: paticipants or a lone presenter? Set up microphone permissions under this selection.

Other options
Presenters and hosts will know if participants have questions, need more time to take notes, or find the presenter's jokes funny. All attendees can set their status to notify the presenter or host. This function is helpful for active participation and feedback. Status icons appear next to the names of attendees in the Attendees Pod.

Q & A pod

Ask questions and get answers. All attendees can actively form questions during presentations by posting in the Q & A pod. The host or presenter can either answer the question or assign it to another attendee to answer.


Web links

Share links during a meeting to direct attendees to helpful resources.

eLearning Tip: Link students to interactive games that support the learning experience. For example: Free Rice for quizzes in subjects ranging from vocabulary to chemistry or Entropia Universe for a functional virtual world economy. Many interactive web tools and games are available in cyberspace that can supplement lectures and course work.

Screen share

Display PowerPoint and dynamic presentations, applications, documents, lectures, or connect a whiteboard to illustrate directly on attendees' screens.

This pod makes it easy to incorporate multimedia.


Allow Adobe Connect to access your webcam so you can present in person.

As host, you can elect to let other attendees use their webcams as well.

Notes pod

Take notes, share with others or keep private and export them. Save notes as .rtf or email them. And create discussion notes, which everyone can add to. Easily use bullet points, accentuate text with color, italics, bold, and underline tools.

Chat pod

Customize individual settings, no matter what your permissions are, such as chat color and chat size. This tool promotes discussion and collaboration among attendees.

Presenter and host can clear chat history, email chat history, opt to show timestamps, or set advanced preferences.


Assign roles such as host, presenter, or participant and limit access to your meeting or virtual classroom. Keep track of attendance and assign grades for participation.

Choose either Attendee View, which allows the user to see other participants organized by role, or Attendee Status View, which organizes participants by status (i.e., agree, raise hand, slow down, etc.)

File share

Upload images, documents, data, and more to share with a group. The file sharing pod makes it easy for all attendees to stay connected and transfer files.

Tip: Upload your syllabus to a virtual classroom to reach all of your students at once. Also upload homework, data, and other classroom tools for students to review on their own.


Arrange any number of pods and customize your meeting. Pods are resizable and easily moved around. Use them all or use just a few.

Adobe Connect also provides pre-made layouts. Select from Sharing, Discussion, or Collaboration to emphasize your teaching style.


Instantly access Adobe Connect from any computer. Adobe Connect is managed online and makes it easy for users to join sessions, as long as they have an Internet connection. You do not need to download anything.

Once inside your Adobe Connect account, you can schedule sessions, email participants, view a calendar of meetings, and export grades.

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