IT Academic Technology Services is available to help you identify and integrate appropriate and effective technologies to achieve your individual teaching goals.

If you are not sure what conferencing solution is the right match for your needs, contact us to review your individual situation.

ATS staff are available to assist with any of the items listed in our toolbox listing. You can contact us for help identifying an appropriate technology for your needs, to get more value out of your existing technology choices, or to integrate new approaches with your course instruction.

Video (including instructional video modules)
We are available to help you sort through the myriad approaches and solutions to a variety of video situations. If the options on our video menu don't answer your question, contact us for more information.

Course web site development
We're available to talk with you about Dreamweaver, Drupal, Google Sites, and WordPress web site authoring environments for course web sites. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Custom project development
Let ATS add some interactive punch to you course web site. We can help you locate existing learning objects, develop a custom learning object, and integrate learning objects into your course. Contact us regarding your situation.

Grant review
We will assist in the planning of technology components for instructional grants. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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