Microsoft Office for Faculty

Curious about Microsoft Office 2010? Here are some bits of interest features the new suite offers. See: for more complete information.

  • Sidebar for large document organization
  • Slicer to summarize by category w/o building pivot tables
  • Spotlights for quick-click formula analysis
  • Trim videos within PPT
  • Improved photo editing
  • New slick transitions
  • Animation painter to reuse/reapply effects
  • Slide sections for selective display/printing
  • Compress to email Backstage
Web Apps
  • IE, Firefox, Safari compatible
Internet suited: on-click installation
  • Minimal installation required making it good for Netbooks
  • On demand access to all tools features
  • Full install available
Backstage area
  • Printing and sharing features in all apps
  • Used heavily with SharePoint for in-house collaboration
  • Ability to Broadcast (PPT) files for remote presentations outside group/team network
  • Ability to IM chat with project team
Compared to Google open-source tools the Office suite has very robust full-featured products.