Focused on learning:
Creative approaches to teaching

June 2-6, 2014, Gore Hall

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  • Call for session proposals
  • Themes for the week
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Call for session proposals
Join invited guest speakers and UD colleagues on the Summer Faculty Institute program. We’re well on the way to having a great program, but we want to make sure we haven’t missed you. If you’re using technology to teach in interesting ways and to enhance your students’ learning, we’d like to hear about it—and so would your faculty colleagues.

To propose a session, please send email to ats-info@udel.edu or call 831.0640 to let us know about your interest in presenting at this year’s institute.

Themes for the week

Through a variety of sessions and activities, faculty will develop insights and ideas by participating in the following presentation tracks (still under development).

Classroom techniques. What is the best use of face-to-face class time given resources available on campus, relevant technologies, and constraints on time with students? Participants will tour a variety of classrooms and be introduced to technology and teaching techniques that can add value to students’ learning in each classroom. By the end of the tour, faculty will have considered a number of teaching ideas (applicable across multiple classroom layouts) and have been introduced to alternative classroom arrangements.

Delivering learning experiences online. What are the best online choices for engaging students in a hybrid course? What online activities enhance student learning in a face-to-face classroom that has been “flipped”?

Course design. How do the different technologies and techniques affect my course design? How do they change the relationships between students and faculty? How do new techniques affect what my students and I do in the classroom and what they do outside the classroom? What new skills will my students and I need to develop so that they have a successful experience?

Mobile trends and iPads. Students have access to a staggering amount of technology, most of which can fit in their backpacks. How faculty choose to exploit or limit the use of mobile technology helps determine the classroom experience. Sessions will explore the potential value for mobile technologies and judicious approaches to its use.

Other teaching situations to be explored: 

  • What changes do I need to make to my teaching so that students in a larger class can succeed? What techniques work to engage students in learning inside and outside a lecture hall?
  • How can I make my syllabus a more effective tool for communicating with my students?
  • What are some of the new things I can try in the Canvas learning management system to reach my students more effectively?
  • What technology tools can help me ask the right test questions and manage question banks to better assess student learning?
  • What student engagement technologies and techniques have my UD colleagues found effective?
  • Is it really that easy to incorporate video conferencing and recordings into my class? Learn how to create your first online meeting or course recording for your students.