Flip video cameras


UD faculty have a new option for recording and distributing student presentations, guest lectures, or special classroom events by borrowing a Flip video camera. These compact, easy to use cameras record up to two 1-hour high definition videos. Simply return the camera to ATS in East Hall for processing. Recordings will be posted securely online and clients will receive a link to access and share with a select audience. Technical questions: ats-info@udel.edu or 831-0640; Flip camera reservations: 831-3557

Things to Think About

  1. Turn on the lights! More light in the room means more clarity.
  2. Speak up! Quiet speakers are harder to hear.
  3. Sit still! Keep the camera on the tripod or other stable base.
  4. Take a look! Frame your shot by using the screen on the back.

Ready To Record

  1. Power on the Flip Camera. Attach to the tripod and frame your shot.
  2. Press the red record button on the back. Action! Speak loud and clear.
  3. The screen now shows how long youʼve been recording.
  4. When youʼre finished, press the red record button again. The screen now shows how much more video you can record.
  5. Recording more? Go to step 2.

Save Your Recording

  1. To keep a local copy of your recording, flip the USB port out and connect to your computer. (Use the enclosed extension cable if needed.)
  2. Navigate to the Flip Cam icon and double-click the video to play it.
  3. Return the Flip Camera with the completed project card included in your kit.
  4. Drop off the camera at 103 East Hall during business hours, Mon-Fri and weʼll take it from there.
  5. Youʼll get a URL in email in a few days.


  • Each Flip Camera holds 2 hours of video. The longest possible video segment is one hour.
  • All videos are erased when the camera is recirculated so be sure to save the videos if you want to keep a copy!
  • Do a short test and play it back to see what it looks like. Record yourself or a colleague.
  • Have your speaker repeat questions from an audience.

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