Polls and Surveys

Many instructors have employed polls and surveys to promote learning through active engagement. In-class polls can promote interaction, begin discussions, and assess understanding. i>clicker and PollEverywhere have been selected as the products best suited for the University of Delaware campus. Surveys tend to gather more complex data and feedback for reflective analysis and research. Qualtrics and Google Forms are recommended for those applications.

Basic differences between the UD-standard products:

In-Class Polling

i>clickers* PollEverywhere*

Google Moderator

students responds with i>clicker students respond with personal cell phone/web-enabled device students respond with personal smart phone/web-enabled device
multiple choice responses free text and multiple choice responses free text and multiple choice responses
no participant limit participant limit of 40 for free service no participant limit
cost: $40 new/$30 or less used cost: participant texting fees cost: participant texting fees
integration with Sakai responses not associated with individuals responses not collected for grading purposes
credit for participation and/or performance   ability to promote ("thumb-up") available ideas/topics/questions for deeper discussion

* Other versions and features exist. See individual product pages or contact ATS to discuss your particular applications.

Other worth exploring...

Audience Opinion


Survey Tools

Qualtrics Google Forms  
extensive question type options most popular question types  
custom survey links simple to create  
supports image-based questions easy to edit  
robust data analysis data stored directly in a spreadsheet  
UD branding download and analyze in Excel format  

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