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Where teaching and technology converge

Advances in technology are changing the way everyone interacts with their world. Just as the way that you process information and work in your discipline is changing, classroom technology is changing to keep pace. This initiative explores the intersection of best teaching practices and emerging technologies.

The goal of this pilot is to create a dynamic classroom environment where every student is fully engaged and class time is intellectually invigorating. What we learn from the techniques and technologies used during the pilot period will greatly influence the design of future classroom spaces at the University of Delaware.

Where? Gore Hall 218 (32 students).

When? Starting in fall 2011.

Interested? Gore Hall 218 is a general purpose classroom that is scheduled by the Scheduling Office. Requests should be made by the person responsible for scheduling courses in your academic department.

For more specific information about the installed technology, visit the Gore 218 web site.


Leave the laptop in the office.

A computer for you in the classroom.

With an installed computer in the classroom, you no longer need to bring your own laptop to show a presentation. Simply bring your USB thumb drive with you and plug it into the provided computer and you’re ready to go.

We offer the standard suite of UD supported applications such as PowerPoint, Excel and Word as well as Acrobat Reader and Firefox. Need something else installed? Let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Present easily with a document camera.

More versatile than an over head projector, a document camera can literally project anything you place under it. Easily show pages from books, newspapers, objects, hand written notes, mathematical equations or even clear acetate overheads. The camera head even articulates and can show large objects

The images are projected on the screen in the room and usually are brighter, have more clarity and better color reproduction than a transparency.

Get the most out of group work.

Fully engage the full group.

Every group member has more opportunity to participate fully. Group work is shared for all to see, including the teacher. Students are no longer disenfranchised from the group process by a small laptop screen and a keyboard that is inconvenient to share. Divide your class in up to five groups where each group will share a large monitor connected to their own laptop or the provided netbook. Promote the best ideas in the room with the push of a button that displays one group's work to the rest of the class.

Arrange groups easily and flexibly.

Gone is the tedium of moving tables into group formation. Enjoy the freedom of group work that is truly flexible and supports multiple arrangements within the same class session. The Steelcase Node chair allows for maximum flexibility of seating arrangements for any style of learning. The chairs roll easily and feature an integrated desktop as well as a spot for books and bags below. Students can move the chairs to suit a variety of learning configurations such as seminar style, PBL style or even standard lecture style.

Encourage student engagement.

iPad cart for students.

There's an app for that. Unlock the potential by using the cart of iPads with your students. With an iPad, students can collaboratively work on documents, research topics on the Web and share what they've found with the class using wireless projection capabilities.

Netbooks for student use.

Student groups will benefit from the provided netbooks to formulate ideas. The five netbooks can be distributed to groups and plugged into the provided outlet below a group monitor. Everything displayed on the netbook will appear on the monitor for the group to see. Students also have the option of using their own laptop. Ample power and data outlets are provided.

Feel free to move around.

Write on most wall surfaces.

With the ability to write almost anywhere, the classroom itself becomes a tool for learning. You and your students have the ability to spread out and use the specialized writing surfaces. Your teaching style is no longer limited by the confines of the blackboard.

In room iPad for instructors.

Imagine moving around the classroom instead of being tethered to your laptop. An iPad, preloaded with compatible software for teaching, is available in the room. The iPad will be able to wirelessly project to the screen, seamlessly mirroring applications, presentations and your annotations. In addition, the iPad can control the computer installed in the classroom giving you full keyboard, mouse and monitor control anywhere in the room.

Interactive learning.

iPad app for student note taking.

iPads are installed with a UD note taking program called LiveMark for iPad. It allows a student to use a stylus or their finger to grab the current slide displayed by the professor and annotate it. Students can also take notes on blank pages. The notes are saved on the server and accessible outside the classroom for later review.

The beta pilot is being lead by IT Academic Technology Services along with IT University Media Services and the University Registrar's office.

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