iPad Cart.

Introducing the Gore Hall iPad Cart.

We bring the technology to you!

Would you like to try out the new iPads? Curious how iPads can improve learning?
Introducing the new iPad Cart - filled with classroom specific programs preloaded by our ATS staff!

Our new pilot program will bring the iPad Cart to you. Sessions can be a little as 30 minutes and there are 21 iPads available, including an instructor iPad. Just reserve an appointment for any room in Gore Hall.

Use the iPad cart calendar to check availability. E-mail ats-info@udel.edu to make a reservation.

See the iPad apps page for a list of installed apps. Don't see what you are looking for? Email us to request an iPad application or suggestions for using the iPad.

This pilot is being lead by IT Academic Technology Services along with IT University Media Services and the University Registrar's office.

Encourage student engagement.

iPad cart for students.

There's an app for that. Unlock the potential by using the cart of iPads with your students. With an iPad, students can collaboratively work on documents, research topics on the Web and share what they've found with the class.

In room iPad for instructors.

Imagine moving around the classroom instead of being tethered to your laptop. An iPad, preloaded with compatible software for teaching, is available in the room. The iPad will be able to project to the screen, seamlessly mirroring applications, presentations and your annotations.

iPad app for student note taking.

iPads are installed with a UD note taking program called LiveMark for iPad. It allows a student to use a stylus or their finger to grab the current slide displayed by the professor and annotate it. Students can also take notes on blank pages. The notes are saved on the server and accessible outside the classroom for later review.

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