UD Capture Classic Classroom Checklist

With UD Capture Classic, you can record your projected laptop screen, the document camera, and audio from the classroom. (There is no video camera in UD Capture Classic classrooms.)

Learn which classrooms are UD Capture enabled.

If you’ve already made a request for UD Capture Classroom Capture for your course, follow these steps to get started in the classroom.

Cable icon

1. Locate the projection cable in the classroom

touch screen icon

2. Locate the touch panel or button pad

    • Turn on the projector
    • Select the source until your laptop screen projected

Recording Icon

3. Recording Auto-Start

    • The recording will automatically start and stop based on your class meeting times.
    • Recordings will be added to your My Media a few hours after the class ends.

Having Trouble?

To speak with a IT UMS Classroom Technology technician immediately, use the classroom assistance telephone in each classroom and dial ‘0’ or use your mobile to call 302-831-3546. Many issues can be resolved remotely.

Can I Use Zoom In This Room?

While Zoom is not installed in the classroom like a UD Capture +Zoom classroom, you can still utilize Zoom on your own laptop. Learn more about using Zoom on your laptop in a classroom.