UD Capture Migration Completed

UD Capture Migration from the old UD Capture Archives to the new UD Capture My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space has wrapped up as of July 1, 2021. All old UD Capture recordings were retired. You will no longer be able to access any media that was not migrated. If you have any questions, please contact us at udcapture@udel.edu. What follows on this page is for historical reference.








Why are we migrating?

As part of the UD Accessibility Initiative, the University has purchased a media management solution to make sure that all video content at the University follows accessibility standards. We have enhanced UD Capture to encompass not only lecture recording, but also help individuals managed media and produce video content with automatic captioning and transcripts.

UD Capture recordings from prior to 2017 need to be moved to this new system so they can be captioned and transcribed per accessibility requirements.

What does this mean for users of UD Capture?

Current users of UD Capture, should begin to plan a strategy for moving their previously recorded content to the new UD Capture Suite. There is an easy to use migration tool to help you move your files.

Academic Technology Services has planned hands-on faculty workshops and other documentation to help with the migration process. Faculty Commons partners will work with anyone wanting to update or enhance their courses to take full advantage of the UD Capture Suite tools and features and current best practices in teaching and learning.


Step 1: Use the UD Capture Migration Tool

Use the UD Capture Migration Tool to migrate your old UD Capture Archives to My Media in Canvas. (We’ve already migrated 2017 and 2018 content for you.) See a short video on using the tool.

Once your content has been migrated, you can find it in the My Media tool.

Step 2: Update Canvas Videos

Now it’s time to update your embedded videos and video links in Canvas to use videos from My Media in a module or the course Media Gallery.

How to Complete Migration of Your UD Capture Videos

After your UD Capture Migration of your archived content to the new UD Capture Space and My Media using the Migration Tool is finished, you are now ready to complete the migration in your course(s). The videos you’ve used in your courses are using the old UD Capture and need to be updated to use the videos from My Media.

To tell the difference between Old and New UD Capture, look for these identifying features:

Old UD Capture Archives will have a logo in the upper right corner on top of the video before you play. After you play the video, the logo will appear if you mouse into the video window.

New UD Capture Space will have a small, round, blue “UD” icon in the lower right.

What action you take will depend on which method you use to share videos with your students.

Method 1: UD Capture Archive

If you share videos with your students by posting a single link to your entire archive of videos, you can now do the same by using the Media Gallery tool in Canvas.

Media Gallery allows you to publish videos from your My Media for your students to see. Each course has its own unique Media Gallery and you can import a Media Gallery from another course.

Students are presented with a list of videos with each video’s title, duration, description and a preview still. The order of the list of videos is up to the student to decide (alphabetical, date created, etc.).

Method 2: Embed Videos in a Canvas Module

Embedding a video in a Canvas Module is a great way to provide context to a video by listing it with other content in order.

To embed a video into an existing Canvas Module, follow these steps.

  1. In your Canvas course, click Modules from the left Course Navigation Menu.
    Canvas Navigation Menu showing Modules highlighted
  2. Click the Edit button to make changes to the page.
  3. In the rich content editor toolbar, click the Apps icon canvas toolbar icon add appswhich looks like a power cord.
    Note: If you don’t see all the icons in the toolbar, enlarge or maximize your browser window.Canvas editor toolbar with Apps icon
    The Select App window displays.

    screenshot showing the select app window in Canvas editor

  4. Click the Embed UD Capture Video option. A popup displays showing your My Media and Media Gallery.
    After you select an app, a dropdown arrow displays next to the Apps icon so you select the app directly or click View All to select other apps.
  5. In the Embed UD Capture Video popup window, find the video you want to use and
    • (A) Click Select for a medium size video or
    • (B) Click the down arrow (“v“) for a larger or smaller video.
      Embed UD Capture Video Popup window
  6. After a few moments, the video should display in the editor window. You may want to add text above and/or below your video to supplement the video and add context.
  7. Click Save or Save and Publish.