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Options for Content That Can’t Be Migrated

Certain types of media content hosted on UD Capture archives can’t be migrated to the new My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space. If you still need to use this content, you’ll need to re-create using another method. Below are some options for creating new content.

Take no action

If you no longer use or need the non-migratable video(s), simply take no action. The video(s) will no longer be accessible after July 1, 2020 when the UD Capture Archives server is retired.

Record a new video

  • Use a UD Capture Studio. Options range from self service to full service levels.
  • Use Personal Capture in My Media in Canvas or UD Capture Space to record screen and/or your web camera along with your microphone.
  • Use Zoom to host a solo session or a session with multiple participants and record your screen and/or web camera along with your microphone.
  • Use your own screencast software such as Camtasia or ScreenFlow to record your screen and/or web camera along with your microphone.
  • Visit the Student Multimedia Design Center in the UD Library for access to recording studios, equipment, and expertise in recording new content.

Replace a video

Or, replace the video(s) with content from the UD Library’s Media LibGuide.

UD Online recorded videos

Professional & Continuing Studies (PCS) is currently reviewing all non-migratable content to identify videos that were recorded as part of the UD Online initiative, and that are still being used in classes. PCS staff will contact you directly, after they have completed their review, to offer assistance with re-recording any non-migratable UD Online videos.

If you have questions about UD Online content, contact the UD Online team.

Additional help is available

If the task seems too daunting, don’t fret. You can schedule a consultation with a digital media specialist or instructional designer in IT ATS or PCS to develop a plan of action.