Video / ITV Studios / Willard 324

ITV Willard 324Room 324 Willard Hall is a lecture and video conference facility equipped with 24 seats. The entire room is handicapped accessible.

The instructor console features a motorized height-adjustable lectern that raises to 45 inches and lowers to 34 inches. The lectern is equipped with a web-enabled desktop PC computer and a portable document camera. Instructors can also bring their own Windows or Macintosh laptops.

The two LCD projectors, four technician controlled cameras, and an overhead microphone makes this studio ideal for discussion or collaboration. Students can connect personal laptops to the internet via the wireless connectivity or through the ethernet connections located in the flooring.

Room 324 Willard Hall is also used as a self-service video conference facility. The system can connect with one or more remote sites anywhere in the world using standards based protocols over IP (H.323) for connectivity through a Polycom VSX-8000 codec.