Virtual Welcome Bar Statistics and Testimonials

The ATS Virtual Welcome Bar is one of the University’s premier support resources – now more than ever after the disruptions of COVID-19 – for helping instructors and faculty navigate educational technology and improve learning outcomes. Analytical data and testimonials illustrate just how crucial the Virtual Welcome Bar is to those who teach or support teaching at UD.

VWB Visits 20-21
3443 support calls in 2021
VWB Experience Survey

Instructor Testimonials

ATS at the Virtual Welcome Bar has kept my courses and teaching, and most importantly student learning, at a level of very high quality. Per student comments from the pandemic-shortened spring semester (as well as from other semesters that I have taught), online students overwhelmingly view the transitioned courses as exemplary, worthwhile, stimulating, engaging and effective. It is clear to me that this would not have been possible without ATS. Thank you!!!!

Gary Allison, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Education

“This service has been invaluable to my teaching at the University of Delaware. As a long-term classroom-based teacher, the transition to online learning has been less “painful” than I envisioned. This is due to the quality of the staff and their high level of knowledge regarding the use of educational technology in the students’ learning environment. The Virtual Welcome Bar has been a tremendous help to me. The staff have been extremely responsive, I am able to schedule a help session whenever I have a question or need to troubleshoot an issue. Thank you.

James Tucker

Associate Professor, Lerner College of Business and Economics