Video Conferencing / Self Service

The self-service videoconferencing facility is located in room 324 Willard Hall.  The room features 24 seats, and is easily operated through a simple push-button control panel and remote control.  Separate TV monitors show the far site video and the content materials simultaneously. ATS staff will provide personal instruction in the use of the facility, and are available for phone tech support.

Willard Hall 324 Room Features

Room 324 Willard Hall is a lecture and videoconferencing facility equipped with 24 seats. The entire room is handicapped accessible.

The instructor console features a motorized height-adjustable lectern that raises to 45 inches and lowers to 34 inches. The lectern is equipped with a web-enabled desktop PC computer and a document camera. Instructors can also bring their own Windows or Macintosh laptops.

The two 80″ monitors, two remote controlled cameras, and three overhead microphones makes this studio ideal for discussion or collaboration. Students can connect personal laptops to the internet via the wireless connectivity or through the ethernet connections located in the flooring.

Room 324 Willard Hall is also used exclusively as a self-service video conference facility. The system can connect with one or more remote sites anywhere in the world using standards based protocols over IP (H.323) for connectivity through a Polycom system.


Remote Site System Requirements

When contacting the remote site or remote party, these are the system requirements that must be met:

  • Room-based video conferencing system, Apple mobile App, or computer desktop software that supports H.323 (IP) or SIP
    • vendors such as Polycom, Tandberg, Lifesize,  & Sony are compatible
  • At least one camera, preferably with pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) capabilities
  • At least one microphone with the ability to mute
  • Speakers with adjustable volume
    • or headphones if using a desktop machine or mobile device
  • A technician or trained person on the remote site of a room-based system

Equipment Instructions

Please view our Quick Start Guide for more information.

Scheduling Request

To schedule a single conference or a course with a video conference component, please use our ITV Studio Request form. When video conferencing with other parts of the country or the world, be sure to remember the time difference in your requests.