Canvas Course Design Consulting

Design a Canvas course that engages learners, meets learning objectives, and improves performance.

Our team supports faculty in applying research-based best practices for course design to optimize student learning and engagement. In addition, we support instructors’ use of educational technology and multimedia in the context of their course content, cohort and teaching style.

We are a resource for you as you re-think, design or re-design your courses.

Choose the right service for you

Classes are about to start and I just need resources—I have an hour or two.

Course Maintenance Resources

Get your Canvas course on track for the new semester by following our quick tips in the Semester Start Up Checklist that shows you how to:

  • Import content and use the UDIT Canvas template
  • Update course info (syllabus, due dates, announcements, assessments)
  • Test links and review student view
  • Publish

I have a few hours to look at my courses and talk about them.

Course Design Review

Does your course need “something” but you’re not sure what to change?

Let’s look at your course together using the UD Online Checklist. You’ll evaluate your course alongside an expert from our team, and together, we’ll create an Action Plan.

I have a month or more to look at my course and make changes.

Course Revision

Do your students need more opportunities to meaningfully interact in Canvas? Do you need helping organizing your Canvas course content? Do you want to add or update your videos, readings, or assignments?

Let’s work together to create an action plan and collaboratively build a compelling and effective course for your students.

I have 6+ months to build a new course. 

New Course Build

Are you teaching a new online course? This can be a preexisting course that’s “new to you”, or entirely new and needs to be built from the ground up. 

You’re not alone. Work collaboratively with our team to build engaging learning outcomes, select compelling learning materials, develop effective assessments, and organize all your learning artifacts into a stylish and easy-to-navigate Canvas course where your students can thrive. 

Need something different? Email, visit us at the Virtual Welcome Bar (Zoom) or at 116 Pearson Hall (M-F, 8:30-4:30).

UD Canvas Template

Our team supports the UDIT Canvas Template, intended for broad faculty use. This template provides easy-to-understand prompts to help you design dynamic digital components for your courses, as well as a more consistent student experience across their courses.