What is UD Capture?

UD Capture is a suite of tools to create and share videos. UD Capture includes automatic classroom capture, a variety of studios, and a self service platform for managing and sharing your media. Nearly 200 classrooms are enabled for UD Capture Classroom Recording.

UD Capture +Zoom

UD Capture is being upgraded in certain central classrooms to include Zoom capability, called UD Capture +Zoom.

If you’re scheduled in a UD Capture +Zoom upgraded classroom, you will now be able to have an integrated Zoom meeting for your class with all the equipment needed for a hybrid teaching environment, including built-in cameras and microphones to connect with remote students synchronously.

Learn more about this service available in select classrooms

UD Capture +Zoom will be available in all central classrooms in the coming years. Until then, the previous service, now being called UD Capture Classic, will still be available in other classrooms. Learn more about the differences between UD Capture +Zoom and UD Capture Classic.

View the list of classrooms equipped for UD Capture Classic or UD Capture +Zoom.

Request UD Capture Classroom recording for your courses

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Record your face-to-face instruction in the classroom for asynchronous learning. Learn more

UD Capture Classroom does not support live streaming. Use Zoom

To ensure your first class sessions are recorded, please submit your request at least 2 business days before the start of the academic term.

Looking to use UD Capture to record your course? Learn about your options below.

Explore the UD Capture Suite of Services

Access your content in Canvas or UD Capture Space

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When you sign up for UD Capture Classroom Recording, you can request to have your videos uploaded directly to your Canvas course so your students get immediate access when they post to the Media Gallery in Canvas.

UD Capture Space, which will be replacing the UD Capture Archives, is the University’s YouTube-esque platform for video sharing. Your UD Capture Classroom Recordings will be posted to My Media in Capture Space (where only you can view them) so that you have complete control over how you share your videos with others.

Record your instructional videos in the classroom, a campus studio, or at home

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This free service allows faculty to record all of their classes (or just a few) to share with students online.

UD Capture Studios

Create professional instructional video using our classroom studios, green screen studio, lightboard studio, or self service studio.

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Record instructional videos on Zoom and automatically upload them to My Media in Canvas or UD Capture Space.
Learn how to share your home recordings.