How To Join a Zoom Meeting By Phone

All UD Zoom meetings include an optional way to join a meeting by making a telephone call. This method of joining a meeting by telephone can be useful if your participants have problems with their internet connection and are unable to join using the Zoom app.

The best way is to share the full meeting invitation with your participants, which is created for every meeting by Zoom. If you’ve already created a meeting, and need to locate the full meeting invitation (which includes the dial in telephone numbers) follow these steps.

  1. Visit the UD Zoom Web Portal to access your UD Zoom account. Click the Upcoming Meeting tab at the top.
  2. Locate your meeting in the list and click the topic name.
  3. On the meeting details page, click Copy the invitation. This will bring up the full invitation information. From here you can copy and paste the full meeting invitation into a Canvas announcement, a calendar invitation, or simply an email to your participants.

Helpful instructions for phone participants

  • Participants that join a meeting by telephone should choose the closest geographically located number, although any number will work.
  • You will need a touch tone (DTMF) phone to enter the meeting code upon dialing.
  • If prompted to enter your unique participant ID and you are joining by phone only, dial # to skip.
  • Controls to use during the meeting:
    • You can toggle your audio mute on your phone by dialing *6
    • You can raise your hand by dialing *9