Transition your UD Zoom account to a personal Zoom account.

If you would like to continue to have a Zoom Pro account with unlimited meeting lengths and cloud recording, there are two options. Both require a yearly fee paid directly to Zoom through their website:

Option 1

You can keep your UD Zoom Basic account and create a new Pro account directly from Zoom with a different email address. This will give you a second account with a new Personal Meeting ID.

Option 2

You can go to the profile settings of your UD account and change the sign-in email to a different email address. Then you can upgrade to Pro directly through Zoom. This will allow you to keep your Personal Meeting ID, but you will no longer have an account authenticated with UD, and will no longer be able to join UD authenticated meetings.

  1. Sign into your UD Zoom account through the web portal and enter your UD email, password, 2FA code.
  2. On the left side, click Profile. Click the Edit link next to your email address and change it to your preferred non-UD email address. Click Save and continue to step #4.
    NOTE: If you do not see an edit link, continue to step #3.
  3. If you do not see an edit link, you must reset your account directly through Zoom.
    • First, sign out of your Zoom account and go to
    • Click the Sign Up Free button and go through the steps of signing up using your UD email and password.
      • This will involve a confirmation message sent to your UD email.
      • You may receive an error message. This is expected, please ignore it.
    • Sign back in to your UD email through the web portal at
      • You should now see the Edit link next to your email on the Profile page.
      • Click the Edit link and change the address to a Gmail or other email address.
      • Click Save and continue to #4.
  4. Go to to upgrade your account with the new email address from Basic to Pro.