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Recommended Account Settings


  • On the Profile Tab: check the box to “Use this ID for instant meetings”
  • On the Meeting Settings Tab: turn on features such as polling, breakout rooms, calendar integration, and nonverbal feedback
  • On the Meetings Tab: click the section for Personal Meeting Room and check the box to “Enable join before host”

Starting A Meeting: Impromptu or Scheduled


  • From the web portal
  • From the downloaded Zoom Application
  • From your mobile device
  • Your Calendar (if available plug-in is installed)

Before the Meeting: Things to do


  • Test your Audio and Video
  • Make sure to choose the correct audio input and output sources and levels
  • Make sure to choose the correct camera for the meeting if more than one option is
  •  Have the content you intend to share prepared ahead of time
  • Make sure you know how to share your screen

Hosting A Meeting: Best Practices


  • Mute your mic if others are presenting/speaking
  • Use “Gallery View” for smaller group/team meetings
  • Share your screen
  • Share specific Applications to control displayed content
  • Use “Pause” to freeze the view to the participants
  • Use “New Share” to seamlessly transition between shared applications.
  • Use the Annotation tools to grab and direct attention

Turn the camera on! – Looking your best


  • Lighting should come from in front of you or from the side to best light your face
  • Pay attention to hair and clothing – people can still see you
  • Think about your background – make it interesting but not distracting
  • Put your webcam at eye level or higher – experiment for best angles
  • Use the gestures and mannerisms that you would typically use in person
  • Make Eye Contact – Try to look at your webcam versus the screen

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