Video Studio A – 311 Pearson Hall

ITV Studio AStudio A is a large lecture facility equipped with 78 seats, and the first two seats are handicapped accessible. The studio features two forward facing cameras for recording individual speakers or groups, and an optional student camera for recording and videoconferencing group discussions.

The instructor console features a Windows 10 desktop computer with a touch screen and hardwired internet connection. Instructors can also elect to bring in their own Windows or Macintosh laptop, or use the portable document camera for capturing spontaneous handwritten notes.

The student area features 40 15″ XGA TFT monitors on eight rows of tiered tables. The monitors are capable of displaying native resolution visuals from the installed desktop or a laptop, as well as standard NTSC video from a DVD recording. Student questions can be heard and recorded using the ceiling mounted microphones.

Studio A is available for use as a video conference facility to connect with one or more remote sites anywhere in the world using Zoom desktop conferencing capabilities.