UD Faculty Profiles Video Series.
  Bob Gonyea presents at the 2014 Winter Faculty Institute.
  A record-size audience attends WFI 2014.
  Hal White in conversation at WFI 2014.
  Bob Gonyea answers a queston at WFI 2014.
  Victor Perez asks a question at WFI 2014.
  Adebanjo Oriade in discussion at WFI 2014.

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►Thanks to all our faculty and staff presenters and participants for making SFI 2014 such a valuable event.
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We help faculty and those who teach at UD improve teaching and learning through the effective application of technology.
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There's a Facebook group for those who those who teach at UD and innovate with technology. Posts appears as part of your Facebook stream—but without having to add friends in Facebook.
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Clickers for class polling

Many UD faculty have found clickers to be helpful tools for provoking student engagement, getting a reading of student understanding, or simply resetting student attention spans.
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Our portfolio of tools includes UD capture, cameras for loan, in-class instruction, peer evaluation tool, and much more. Let us know what we can do to help you teach using technology.
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