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UDIT Academic Technology Services aims to provide personalized learning experiences to our students through the development of a platform that integrates artificial intelligence with the intellectual property of UD faculty. This ensures that our tool is tailored to our student body and serves as a reflection of UD’s courses and programs.


To build the platform, the project team is utilizing foundation models from Amazon Web Services’ Bedrock, along with other AI models. Leveraging two decades of video content collected from our proprietary lecture capture system, our project team is building a private, internal platform, accessible to students through Canvas Learning Management System.


The project marks a pioneering effort in shaping the strategic integration of emerging AI, generative AI, and large language model (LLM) technologies within the University of Delaware and the broader higher education landscape.

UD StudyAiDE Timeline

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Ethical Guidlines

This ethical structure helps to ensure that the technology we create and deploy aligns with the University of Delaware’s values of promoting innovation, fostering diversity and inclusion, and upholding the highest standards of academic integrity.

AI Innovation at the University of Delaware

Advisory support for this project is provided by the AI for Teaching and Learning Working Group, among other university partners.

This project directly aligns with the University’s Strategic Pillar of Expanding Student Access & Success and supports the charge from the Provost to develop “practices that harness the power of AI for teaching and learning while maintaining our commitments to academic integrity in the production and dissemination of knowledge.”

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