Video Conferencing / Full Service

IT-Academic Technology Services offers full-service conferencing in three rooms located in Pearson Hall using the Zoom desktop conferencing programs. Each facility is equipped with multiple cameras and microphones, along with separate projectors or monitors to show the far site video and the content materials simultaneously.

Our technicians will help you determine the best room for your conference, and what equipment will work best to fit your needs.  They will conduct a test prior to the conference with the technician at the far site to ensure a proper connection, and can give you a tour or demonstration of the system at your convenience.  The technicians will also be available in the Control Room during the entire conference to monitor the connection and switch between the cameras, microphones, and other peripherals.

To schedule a single conference or a course with a video-conference component, please email your request to When video conferencing with other parts of the country or the world, be sure to remember the time difference in your requests.

Learn more about our full service video conferencing locations, which also serve as learning classroom studios.