Zoom instructions for Chromebooks

Zoom recently released a Progressive Web Application (PWA) for the Chrome Operating System.  PWAs are web apps that can be installed on your OS to provide an app-like experience while using the same technology as your web browser and Chrome OS. PWAs are usually faster and more functional than a regular app, and take up less storage.

The new PWA can be installed from the Google Play store (search for ‘Zoom PWA’ or ‘Zoom for Chrome PWA’ in the Play store), and will appear as an application on your Chrome OS device. Download the app, then either log in or join a meeting — and you’re up and running.

If you receive error code 3160, please go to this website https://pwa.zoom.us/wc and click the button to sign in with SSO.  Type “udel” in the Domain Name box, then enter your UDEL email, password, and 2-factor code.