Download a Zoom cloud recording

To download a Zoom cloud recording to your local computer, follow these steps.

  1. Visit your UD Zoom account by logging into the UD Zoom Portal and clicking on Sign In. If prompted, enter your UD credentials.
  2. Click Recordings on the left. You should now see all of your Zoom recordings.
  3. Locate the recording you need and click Download. This will download a series of files to your computer. If you chose different configurations for cloud recordings or recorded more than once during a meeting, there may more than one of each of the following.
    • MP4: The video and audio of your meeting.
    • M4A: An audio only version of your meeting.
    • VTT: A machine generated transcript of the meeting speech.

Note: When you use Zoom to record and select the “record to cloud” option, your recording is saved in your Zoom account and then is automatically uploaded to your My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space.