Zoom is integrated with UD Capture and My Media

When you record Zoom meetings to the cloud, your recording will also be automatically added to your My Media in Canvas and in UD Capture Space.

Activate Zoom Integration with UD Capture and My Media

In order to activate your Zoom integration complete the following steps. You only need to complete these steps once.

  1. Log in to UD Capture Space. Click My Media at the top. If you already see your Zoom cloud recordings here, you can stop– you’re already integrated.
  2. Log out of Zoom in your browser (login then click “Sign Out” at the top right). Log out of the Zoom desktop application, and the Zoom mobile application if you are logged in. You must log out of all three in order to complete the integration.
  3. Sign back into Zoom (browser and/or app) to complete the Zoom integration.

The recent UD Capture enhancements also allow you to share, edit, or create a quiz from your Zoom recordings in both Canvas for courses and UD Capture Space for faculty and staff. In addition, your videos will be made searchable and accessible with automatic transcripts and closed captions.

Should a service interruption cause your Zoom meeting to fail to be added to your My Media, you can always manually upload it. You  still have the option of saving your Zoom meeting recordings to your local computer instead of the cloud.

Note for special Zoom subaccounts (i.e. HIPAA)

If your UD Zoom account is a member of a special subaccount (for instance a HIPAA or CEOE subaccounts), your account cannot be integrated with UD Capture to enable automatic upload to My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space.

Note: My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space are not HIPAA compliant storage solutions. You should contact your departmental IT Professional for guidance on storage solutions.

If you wish to host non-HIPAA related content, you can still manually upload a Zoom cloud recording to your My Media.