Hosting your next UD event with Zoom

To ensure your next event with Zoom is flawless, you should choose the right settings on your Zoom meeting. Failing to do so will allow unwanted guests (also known as “Zoom Bombing”) into your meeting, potentially disrupting your event. Follow the guidelines below for your next Zoom event.

  • Before you choose to do it yourself, faculty and staff should consider contacting IT University Media Services for help with your next Zoom event. IT UMS offers a full suite of services including Zoom Webinars, testing, and real time technical assistance for speakers.
  • For events that will have all UD participants, you should enable the Require Authentication option in your Zoom meeting. This ensures that your meeting will have participants only from UD able to join your meeting.
  • For events that will have all a majority of participants from outside UD, you should enable the Require Registration and Meeting Password options in your Zoom meeting. This allows you to collect a list of participants ahead of time. When a guest registers for the event, they will receive a unique Zoom meeting link along with the Meeting Password. You can also send meeting reminders to your guests automatically from Zoom.