Zoom HIPAA Group: how to join and what you need to know

UD Zoom HIPAA group now has more features and no longer requires a separate login

All UD Zoom Pro licenses are now HIPAA Compliant and satisfy the requirements for HIPAA online security.

Users hosting Zoom meetings that include discussions of HIPAA-protected data should join the new HIPAA group as soon as possible. (Users who were originally placed in the UD HIPAA Zoom sub-account were invited to move to a new HIPAA group in the main UD Zoom account in January 2023.) Joining the HIPAA group will not alter any scheduled meetings in your account.

By migrating to the main UD Zoom account, you no longer need a separate login and can access additional features, such as:

  • Saving a copy of text chats
  • Adding anyone at UD as an alternative host to meetings
  • Adding live closed captions to meetings and save transcripts

How do I join the new HIPAA Zoom group?

To join the new HIPAA group:

  1. Navigate to this service request page.
  2. Click the “Request Service” button on the right side of the page.
    A new page opens with the Zoom HIPAA Protocol Request form.
  3. Select the radio button next to “Enroll into Zoom HIPAA Protocol group.”
  4. At the bottom of the form, click “Submit” to be added to the group.
    Note: You can also leave the group at any time by selecting “Leave Zoom HIPAA Protocol group” and re-submitting the form.

Going forward, you will need to log in to Zoom on all devices using one of the standard UD methods.
Note: It may take up to 24 hours for the change to complete. We recommend not recording to the cloud during that time.

Important: Please be sure not to record sensitive information to the Zoom cloud until the change has occurred.

Zoom HIPAA user responsibilities

While all Zoom meetings are now HIPAA compliant, recordings to the cloud still do not meet HIPAA protocols. Therefore, it is CRITICAL that you are HIPAA compliant in your use of Zoom as indicated below.

  • Zoom meetings with patients, study participants, or where any HIPAA data is shared may not be recorded to the Zoom Cloud.  This function is therefore not available to HIPAA users.
    • Recordings with HIPAA data should be made only to a local machine and shared only through encrypted channels to appropriate people.
  • Copies of text chats and audio transcripts may not be shared online except through encrypted channels to appropriate people.
  • The My Media repository in Canvas/UDCapture is not encrypted appropriately for HIPAA data and cannot be used to store recorded materials containing HIPAA information.  All meetings containing HIPAA data must be recorded on the user’s local machine.
    • Class recordings made in a UD Capture +Zoom-enabled classroom will be manually uploaded to your My Media repository by UDIT staff. 

For more information or assistance with your Zoom account, contact zoom-support@udel.edu.