Zoom instructions for Linux

First time users of Zoom on a Linux machine should follow these instructions on Zoom’s technical help pages.

For anyone already using the Zoom Desktop Client for Linux, Zoom will be retiring the current key pair used to sign the Linux client on November 2, 2022. To avoid service interruption, please download and trust the new public key as explained below.

Please follow the instructions below to download the new GPG validation key by 11/2/22 to avoid service interruption.

  1. Download package-signing-key.pub from http://click.zoom.us/e/84442/linux-download-pubkey/c4cjlj/3984047535?h=KOgESzMBFUVUuK9r0jyN8FN_RYK7CfWRyj_CADj0dZU
  2. Run the following commands based on the package you’re validating
  • ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //    deb package validation
    gpg –import ~/Downloads/package-signing-key.pub     // import gpg public key, only do it once
    dpkg-sig –verify ./zoom.deb
  • ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
    //    rpm package validation
    rpm –import ~/Downloadspackage-signing-key.pub      // import gpg public key, only do it once
    rpm -K zoom.rpm