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Elevate your teaching & learning experience in Canvas with FeedbackFruits

FeedbackFruits helps instructors to create engaging courses and stimulate active learning through a suite of tools designed with both the teacher’s and student’s perspective in mind. FeedbackFruits is an LTI integrated with Canvas and can be used to build activities—graded or non-graded—in Canvas Assignments and modules throughout your courses that can be synced with your Canvas Gradebook.

The University of Delaware has licensed two Feedback Fruits tools for instructors to use in their courses: Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation.

Peer Review: this tool allows students to submit individual or group work; provide individual or group feedback, guided by a scoring rubric or sliding scale criteria; perform self-assessments; and reflect on feedback provided by their peers.

Group Member Evaluation: this tool provides a platform for students to evaluate their team members’ contributions to a group project.

Feedback Fruits is available to all instructors at UD—to enable, simply add it to your Canvas course navigation.

How to Add FeedbackFruits to a Canvas Assignment at UD

Why use FeedbackFruits Peer Review?

The Peer Review tool saves instructors time by enabling them to design activities in which students provide feedback on the submitted work of peers based on predefined rubrics or criteria. Students in a group upload videos of their work for peers to review and grade. Then, students assess each other’s work before final submission.

Peer review improves overall learning by helping students become better readers, writers, and collaborators. A well-designed peer review program develops lifelong skills in assessing and providing feedback to others—and improves one’s own work in the process. 

Why use FeedbackFruits Group Member Evaluation?

Group Member Evaluation (GME) streamlines how students assess their peers’ collaboration skills. The instructor begins by specifying the criteria the students use to evaluate their peers’ contributions to group work. The students then give feedback on their peers’ collaboration skills during a group project.

With GME, instructors have the ability to personalize grades based on individual contributions to group work. By using the customizable features to evaluate group members’ contributions, you can eliminate free-riding within teams and improve collaboration skills among your students.

Getting Started with FeedbackFruits

Want to learn more about FeedbackFruits?

Explore the FeedbackFruits knowledge base to learn more about creating rubric criteria, creating assignments in Canvas, assigning groups, setting up notifications, collaboration options, anonymity features, assessment of work, use cases, and much more. 

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