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About This Grant

This grant program is designed to support instructors with developing and implementing novel teaching strategies. Experimentation, collaboration and the exploration of new approaches to teaching are encouraged.

The proposal submission period for the 2023 grant cycle has concluded. The next opportunity to apply for a grant will begin in Spring 2024.

Program At-a-Glance

Focus: This grant program promotes teaching innovation with initial funding (up to $5k) and support.

Eligibility: Any “instructor of record” at the University of Delaware can apply. We welcome proposals from instructors of record across all disciplines and areas of expertise and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

Support: Along with funding, successful applicants will receive technical support & project management assistance from UDIT-Academic Technology Services.

Requirements: Grant recipients are required to share what they learned from their project through a presentation, project report or other method of their choosing. The project team may also be asked to participate in a video interview about the project.

What is the timeline?

Proposals due: Spring 2024
Grants awarded: Summer 2024
Projects completed in 1 year


How do I apply?

Submit a short application form.

How much can be requested?

Up to $5,000 for hardware, software, training, and/or materials.

ATS Support

Along with funding, you’ll receive technical support from UDIT-Academic Technology Services. Below are support services available to grant recipients. This is not a comprehensive list. For questions about what other support options are availabe, please email Racine Lewis,

Interested in incorporating AI into your teaching and student learning? Members of our AI Initiative can provide support in using AI in higher education courses.

Are you looking to incorporate video into your project? Our digital media team can support with video production and editing needs.

Do you need support in integrating your new teaching strategy into your Canvas course? Our instructional designers can provide support through thoughtful Canvas course design.

About Paul J. Rickards, Jr.

Paul Rickards’ decades of work in Information Technologies has empowered faculty to reimagine and transform their teaching, impacting countless students throughout the years. A 1997 graduate of the University of Delaware and later the Director of UDIT Academic Technology Services, Paul lead major transformational initiatives, grew a high-performing team, and had a direct impact on the quality of teaching. UDIT Academic Technology Services is honored to provide seed grants to support exploration of creative technology solutions for the teaching craft, continuing Paul’s spirit of innovation.


Email questions to Racine Lewis, UDIT-ATS Project Leader,