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About This Grant

The Paul J. Rickards, Jr. Teaching Innovation Grant program is designed to support instructors with developing and implementing novel teaching strategies. Experimentation, collaboration and the exploration of new approaches to teaching are encouraged.

Please revisit this site in spring 2025 for the next application cycle.

Program At-a-Glance

Focus: This grant program promotes teaching innovation with initial funding up to $5,000 and project support.

Eligibility: Any “instructor of record” at the University of Delaware can apply. We welcome proposals from instructors of record across all disciplines and areas of expertise and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.

Support: Along with funding, successful applicants will receive technical support and project management assistance from UDIT Academic Technology Services.

Requirements: Grant recipients are required to share what they learn from their project through a presentation, project report, or other method of their choosing. The project team may also be asked to participate in a video interview about the project.

What is the timeline?

Proposals due: May 1, 2024
Grants awarded: June 1, 2024
Projects completed: June 1, 2025


How do I apply?

The 2024 application period has closed..

How much can be requested?

Up to $5,000 for hardware, software, training, and/or materials.

Proposal Guidelines

The grant review committee is seeking proposals that are:

  • Innovative. Creates an opportunity to try something new and experiment with your teaching.
  • Ideaful. Proposes a great idea that addresses important issues that are significant to UD.
  • Collaborative. Presents an opportunity for ATS to complement the efforts of faculty. (Highlights of some of our services appear below.)
  • Clear Narrative. Conveys a coherent narrative that integrates each component of the project, including learning assessment and project evaluation.
  • Outcomes-Driven. Emphasizes realistic outcomes and a plan to collect evidence that outcomes have been met.
  • Sustainable. Identifies a path forward that can continue beyond the one-year grant cycle.
  • Budget Planned. Includes a brief credible budget plan that ties activities and timeline to grant expenditures.

Project Support from UDIT Academic Technology Services 

Along with funding, you’ll receive technical support and project management assistance from UDIT Academic Technology Services. The following is a partial list of services available to grant recipients. For questions regarding other support options, please submit a Grant Inquiry Form.

Interested in incorporating AI into your teaching and student learning?

Members of the AI Initiative and our Educational Software Engineering team can provide support in using AI in higher education courses.

Are you looking to incorporate video into your project?

Our Instructional Video Services team can support with video production, editing, and post-production needs.

Do you need support integrating a new teaching strategy into your Canvas course?

Our Ed Tech Design & Development team can assist through thoughtful Canvas course design.

Learning Technologies

Are you exploring the potential of an educational technology tool?

Our Learning Technologies & Administration team can help you navigate available options, comparative features, and novel applications for teaching.

Previous Recipients

Academic year 2023 was the inaugural year for the Paul J. Rickards, Jr. Teaching Innovation Grant.


Year Faculty Department Project
2023 Kathryn Bender Economics Data Visualization Workshop Series
2023 Philip Duker Music Music Error Detection Website
2023 Sheldon Hewlett Materials Science and Engineering An ‘Escape Room’ Activity for Freshman in Materials Science and Engineering
2023 Katie Leech Art and Design, Visual Communications Modern Technology For Designing Wood Type
2023 Adam Wickenheiser Mechanical Engineering Using AI to Analyze Student Design Team Reflections and Direct Advisor Interventions

About Paul J. Rickards, Jr.

Paul Rickards

Paul Rickards’ decades of work in Information Technologies has empowered faculty to reimagine and transform their teaching, impacting countless students throughout the years. A 1997 graduate of the University of Delaware and later the Director of UDIT Academic Technology Services, Paul lead major transformational initiatives, grew a high-performing team, and had a direct impact on the quality of teaching. UDIT Academic Technology Services is honored to provide seed grants to support exploration of creative technology solutions for the teaching craft, continuing Paul’s spirit of innovation.


Please submit your question via the Grant Inquiry Form.