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Poll Everywhere for Instructors

Poll Everywhere is an online polling platform that is able to collect real-time responses from students using any computer or mobile device with internet access. It can be used in a variety of situations: remote participation, on-campus participation, or remote participation in on-campus classes. Additional key features:

    • Works with PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides
    • Graded student responses can be easily exported to your Canvas Gradebook
    • Learning activities: use polls as ice breakers, group work and competitions, think-pair-share activities, and graded quizzes


To join UD’s Poll Everywhere account, log in to SSO with your UD email and password:


Instructional Design (ID) Tip:
Link our Poll Everywhere for Students page to your Getting Started module in Canvas.


To learn more about using Poll Everywhere in your courses, view our Getting Started with Poll Everywhere guide which includes:

        • Setting up Your Poll Everywhere Account
        • Creating Your Polls
        • Presenting Your Polls to an Audience
        • Exporting Graded Responses to your Canvas Gradebook


Need more help? Expand the type of resource you are seeking below to review information, watch videos, or find out who to contact for additional support.


If you would like to attend live training on Poll Everywhere, the following workshops and webinars are available:



Review the comprehensive Poll Everywhere Instructor Guide for additional information about using this tool in your courses.

  • Learn how to grade or score responses. When using the multiple choice or clickable image question types, student responses can be automatically graded. Note: Grading is only available for Multiple choice activities and Clickable image activities.
  • Present polls using Zoom
  • View the most recent Poll Everywhere App/Add-in Releases:

If you are experiencing issues or want to learn more about Poll Everywhere, please use the following:


TRANSITION: iClicker to Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere: an iClicker Alternative

The following features in iClicker are also available in Poll Everywhere:

iClicker Poll Everywhere
Integrate with Canvas ✔️
Import rosters & export grades ✔️
Create multiple choice questions ✔️
Create polling for a live session ✔️
Grade questions/polls ✔️
Track attendance & performance ✔️
Run a poll alongside any program ✔️
Show (or hide) real time results ✔️
Use in the classroom* ✔️

*Can be used with students in the classroom, students who are remote, or a combination of both.

Poll Everywhere: Advantages

Poll Everywhere has the following advantages over iClicker:

Feature Poll Everywhere
Use when administering remote classes ✔️
Use with on-campus students and remote students simultaneously ✔️
Use my own device to administer polls ✔️
Allow students to use their own devices to participate in polls ✔️
Embed polls into my presentations ✔️
Create a wide variety of question types ✔️