UD Capture Analytics

UD Capture analytics in both UD Capture Space or Canvas provide a way for you to see how and when your media is being watched. Analytics are updated once every 24 hours so you will need to wait a day to see the current analytics. You can access UD Capture Analytics following the steps below.

  1. Visit either UD Capture Space or Canvas and go to your My Media.
  2. Locate a video in the list and click the pencil icon.
  3. Below the video on the right, click Actions and select Analytics.
  4. If your video requires a UDelNet ID login to view, you can see user data as well.

Note: Certain types of software or playback settings than can cause the analytics to not be recorded properly.

  • Ad-blocking or security software installed on your computer may prevent your computer from sending analytic data back to UD Capture. If this happens, the media may still be watched, but there will be no analytics recorded for it.
  • Using the playback speed setting at anything over normal speed (1x) can sometimes cause incorrect analytics.