Add visuals from a PowerPoint file or a PDF to your recordings:

Editing in extra visuals only requires a PowerPoint or PDF file upload to your video. This may be useful in cases where your video was captured in a recording, but the visuals weren’t captured of your presentation materials. 

Video Tutorial:


  1. Open your “My Media” section:  Access your “My Media” section in Canvas or in Capture Space.
  2. Open the editing options:  To do this, click the pencil icon to the right of the video you want to edit. Alternatively, click the title of the video, then on the new page that loads, click “Actions” and then “Edit” in the dropdown menu. 
  3. Click “Timeline” under the video player
  4. Locate & Click the File Upload button:  Click the bottom of the two buttons on the far left side, which will prompt you to choose a file to upload. 
  5. Upload a file and allow it time to process. The screen will go to the next step when it is done uploading and processing your file.
  6. Review and arrange slides:  By default, each slide will be automatically spaced out throughout the video. Click and drag slides to the correct times, or click the slide you want to move and enter in a time code. 
  7. Play the video to preview the video with the newly added visuals. 
  8. Save every slide edit/arrangement:  After each slide you move or edit in any way, click “Save” in the lower right corner before moving onto the next slide edit/arrangement.


Other Video Editing Options

To make more complex edits to a video, you will need video editing software. The UD Library has a guide on other video editing applications that you can use that include free to commercial software.

Editing video can be extremely time consuming so make sure the edits you want to make will have the educational impact you desire.