Tagging Videos in My Media: Tips and Best Practices

Tagging is essential when you upload videos and media content to your My Media in Canvas or UD Capture Space/Kaltura. By taking a few moments to create tags you can save time later when locating and accessing your media content in Kaltura. 

A tag is a label that you attach to a video or media file. Kaltura allows you to use tags to classify and describe videos/media items, thus enabling you and your students/viewers to easily search for and locate media content. Tags are effectively search terms, therefore it is paramount to make your tags meaningful so that they provide relevant search results. 

In Kaltura, tags allow for spaces between words. Kaltura tags are not case-sensitive, so you can capitalize or lowercase them without affecting the search results.

When you upload a video or media file to Kaltura, add your tags in the Tags field. You can also add tags later by editing the Details tab.

Follow these tips and best practices when tagging media files in Kaltura:


  • Choose tags related to your course syllabus when using Kaltura in Canvas: For example, if your students are reading Ernest Hemingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro,” an appropriate tag might be “hemingway.” Your students can search the course Media Gallery for “hemingway” and find all the media files with that tag attached.
  • Tag course media with the course title, subject, semester, and instructor: If you are uploading several media items for one course, tag them all with the same course title/code and semester (for example, ENGL101 Fall 2020). This way you can locate all the course media together on your My Media page in a single search. If you are creating content for faculty, add a tag consisting of the course number, the instructor’s last name, and the subject area (for example, lit200 smith literature).
  • Tag your media by topic: Create tags for your course topics including lectures, discussions, genres, authors, etc.
  • Establish a common tagging system: If you are collaborating on media with a team, establish an agreed-upon list of tags to ensure that they are consistently applied to all of your content.
  • Tag ADA content: If you are uploading media that is human captioned for accessibility, add the tag “ADA” along with your other tags so people know it is accessible to viewers with disabilities.