Three Ways to Record Lecture Videos in the Classroom

Here are three ways to record video in a classroom or other learning space.  We’ve also created a guide for the best practices to make good use of your own videos.


  1. Use UD Capture Classroom Capture. Check the list of enabled classrooms to see if UD Capture is available in your location. If so, you can sign up for UD Capture: Classroom automatic recordings. You can choose to have your entire in-classroom sessions recorded with one request and choose to have the recordings automatically published to the Media Gallery for you. If you are not teaching in a UD Capture supported space, options 2 and 3 are available below.
  2. Use Zoom. You may already use Zoom to attend virtual meetings with colleagues or maybe even deliver a synchronous classroom experience. But you can also record using Zoom and capture your screen, webcam, document camera, and voice with a single application. This process is detailed in the Using Zoom in a Concurrent Classroom page.
  3. Use UD Capture Personal Capture. This Canvas tool allows you to simultaneously record your screen, webcam, and voice. The best part is the screen and webcam are presented as two independent video streams that your viewer can switch back and forth and arrange on playback. This process is detailed in our UD Capture Personal Capture (Screen Recording) page.