Using Extended Desktop with UD Capture +Zoom

If you are using UD Capture +Zoom in your classroom to record your course, already enjoy wireless projection from your laptop to the classroom. But you may miss the feature of UD Capture Classic that allowed you to project visuals to the classroom and have your own display on your laptop screen, perhaps to show speaker notes in PowerPoint or to queue up videos to play in class. Without plugging in any cables, your laptop only has one display.

But, there’s a way to work around this issue by the following the steps outlined below. Note! This procedure can be complicated quickly, so it’s important to practice this ahead of time, outside of class time.

  1. Important! The person before you may not have shut the classroom system down before leaving and left the room in an unknown state. Therefore, you should always tap the red END SESSION icon in the upper right of the screen. A shutdown takes approximately 60 seconds to complete.
  2. Before your class begins, touch the touch panel to wake it up and dismiss any welcome message. Tap the Zoom icon at the top. You should see a photograph of Memorial Hall.
  3. On your laptop, plug in the HDMI cable. Your laptop screen may react by flashing briefly. You won’t see anything on the projector yet.
  4. Launch Zoom on your Laptop and connect to the Zoom Meeting link we sent you in your confirmation email. Mute your mic and speakers (or choose Leave computer audio from the Mute/Unmute menu (^ the carrot next to the icon).
  5. Click Share Screen in Zoom on your laptop. In the list, choose Desktop 2. This is the secondary display your laptop has started because you plugged in the HDMI cable. Important! If you plan to have sound (videos, sound clips, etc.) make sure to check the box for Share sound in the bottom left. Click the Share button.
  6. When your class time begins, the classroom will connect to the meeting and your secondary display should now be visible in the classroom as well as be recorded. To move content from your laptop screen to the projector, click and drag the window to either the left or right side of the screen until you see it appear.

Need immediate help? IT UMS Classroom Technology is available for immediate assistance by using the classroom assistance telephone in the room (dial ‘0’) or reach them directly at 302-831-3546.