UD Capture +Zoom Classroom Checklist

With UD Capture +Zoom Classroom Capture, you can record your laptop screen, the sound from the classroom, and use a Zoom Meeting that is fully integrated with the classroom audio & video equipment.

Learn which classrooms are UD Capture enabled.


If you’ve already made a request for UD Capture Classroom Capture for your course, follow these steps to get started in the classroom.

Do not plug in the HDMI/VGA cable to your laptop. Use Zoom instead. See below.

touch screen icon

1.  Activate the system:

    • Touch the touch panel in the classroom to wake it up or dismiss any welcome messages. 
    • Touch the Zoom icon. You should see your class in the listed schedule. 
    • The Zoom meeting and recording will begin promptly at your class start time.

Join icon

2.  Join Meeting:

    • Launch Zoom on your laptop and join the Zoom meeting
    • (The meeting link was emailed to you in your confirmation email).

Mute audio icon

3.  Mute the microphone and speakers on your laptop.

    • Important! Don’t skip this step as it may cause very loud feedback or an echo in the room.
    • You can also select Leave Computer Audio from the Mute/Unmute options menu (^).

Share Icon

4Click Share Screen

    • Choose what you’d like to share. 
    • Click Share
    • You should see your content on the projector if the Zoom meeting has started.
      Important! No need to connect a cable to project when using UD Capture +Zoom.




Video: Get Started in 3 Easy Steps (1:18)

Orientation Slide Deck

Below is the slide deck used for the in-person orientation sessions. The presentation is also available directly at Google Slides.

Need to use the document camera?

You can also use the document camera in a UD Capture +Zoom classroom. You’ll need to plug the USB cable from the document camera into your laptop. Learn how to use the document camera with Zoom.


Need assistance in the classroom?

To speak with an IT University Media Services Classroom Technology technician immediately, use the in-classroom assistance telephone or use your mobile to call 302-831-3546. Many issues can be resolved remotely.