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Record a Full Semester with UD Capture Classroom Recording

Request to have your UD course recorded all semester long for your students to view online. Videos are automatically uploaded to UD Capture Space, a YouTube-esque video platform for the University of Delaware. You can also have your videos uploaded directly to your Canvas course.

This service is available for faculty only.

Note for Faculty & Students

Faculty: This form will NOT reserve the room for you. To schedule a UD Capture enabled room for your class or event, contact the Registrar’s Scheduling office.

Students: Only your professor can request your course to be recorded with UD Capture. If you would like your course recorded, please ask your professor.

Step 1

Request your Canvas Course


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If you want your UD Capture recordings automatically uploaded to your Canvas Course, you need to already have one created so we know where to send them when you request UD Capture Classroom Recording.

Step 2

Request UD Capture


Submit a request for UD Capture Classroom Recording here and we’ll handle the rest!

If you want your videos uploaded to Canvas, Make sure to check “Automatically publish to this course in Canvas”.