Embed Video from My Media in a Canvas Assignment

Embedding a video in a Canvas Assignment is a great way to provide context to a video by listing it with other content in order. This can also serve as a way to share videos with only select students within your Canvas course. To embed a video into an Canvas Assignment, follow these steps.


  1. In your Canvas course, click Assignment from the left Course Navigation Menu.
  2. Click the +Assignment button, in the upper right-hand corner to add a new assignment.
  3. In the rich content editor toolbar, click the Apps icon canvas toolbar icon add appswhich looks like a power cord.
    Note: If you don’t see all the icons in the toolbar, enlarge or maximize your browser window.Canvas editor toolbar with Apps iconThe Select App window displays.
    screenshot showing the select app window in Canvas editor
  4. Click the Embed UD Capture Video option. A popup displays showing your My Media and Media Gallery.
    After you select an app, a dropdown arrow displays next to the Apps icon so you select the app directly or click View All to select other apps.
  5. In the Embed UD Capture Video popup window, find the video you want to use from your My Media and
    • (A) Click Select for a medium size video or
    • (B) Click the down arrow (“v“) for a larger or smaller video.
      Embed UD Capture Video Popup window
  6. After a few moments, the video should display in the editor window. You may want to add text above and/or below your video to supplement the video and add context.
  7. Set the Points for the assignment to 0.
  8. Set Display Grade As “Not Graded”
  9. To make the video available for a select student(s), adjust the Assign to settings by removing “Everyone” and adding the individual student(s) name.
  10. Click Save (to save now but publish later) or Save and Publish (to immediately publish/share with your students).

Note: If you are only sharing an assignment with individual students, a warning will appear, when you click Save/Save and Publish, confirming your choice to not include the entire class for this assignment. Click the Continue button to confirm your choice of sharing with only select students.