Upload Narrated PowerPoint to My Media in Canvas

You can upload a narrated PowerPoint slide deck to your Canvas course for students to see and listen to. All it takes are four easy steps.


  1. Narrate. Follow these steps from Microsoft to Record Audio Narration in your PowerPoint file first.
  2. Convert. Next, follow these steps from Microsoft to Convert your PowerPoint file into a MP4 video. If prompted, you can choose a size of “1080p.” The conversion may take some time.
  3. Upload. You should now have a MP4 file of your voice and slides. Upload this file to My Media in Canvas by following this video on how to Add New Media to Canvas.
  4. Publish. Finally, you are ready to publish the video in your course for your students to see it. You have two options:
    1. Media Gallery. A quick way is to Publish to the Media Gallery of the course. This is a great way if you only have a few videos. Students visit the Media Gallery will need to locate the video they are to watch.
    2. Embed. Another way is to embed the video directly in a module page. The process is the same for an announcement, quiz, discussion post, etc. anywhere the Rich Text Editor is available.