How to Order Professional Captioning for Videos

Professional captions to videos are made available to students as part of an accommodations request with the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS). DSS will grant instructors the permission to caption certain videos in their course(s) as part of the accommodation. Professional captions incur the university a fee. Please contact DSS if you have questions relating to which video(s) you should be requesting captions for.

Before ordering captions for a video, you should be sure that your video is finalized and requires no further editing. If there are video edits required, please complete those before the video is professionally captioned.

Professional captions are added to your video and follow the video if you use it again in another course (where it doesn’t need to be captioned again).

It’s best practice to publish your videos to the Media Gallery. This enables the student to access the transcripts for the video. You can simultaneously embed the videos throughout your course.

To order professional captions for a video:

  1. Access your Media Gallery and locate the video you want to order captions for.
  2. Click the title of the video to open it on a new page.
  3. Click Actions (below the video) then Captions & Enrich in the drop down menu.
  4. The following screen will divide into two sections: Existing Requests and Order Captions. Existing Requests will list any pending caption orders for the video, and will display a message “no results were found” if there are no current orders. Assuming there are no pending orders, use Order Captions to initiate a professional captioning request.
  5. For Service, select Professional.
  6. Choose your Source Media Language.
  7. Choose your feature to be Captions.
  8. Optionally, click to add speaker names if there is more than one person in the video.
  9. Turnaround Time – Your turnaround time will be set to 24 hours.
  10. If there are additional instructions to add for the captioner (special spelling, commonly misspelled word, etc), enter it in the textbox here, or skip if there are no additional notes to add.
  11. Click “Submit” on the captions to submit the order.

Video Tutorial:

Please note: your experience ordering captions may vary visually, depending on whether or not you are the owner of the media file.