What is UD Capture Classroom Capture?

UD Capture Classroom Capture recording refers to the automatic lecture capture in the central inventory classrooms and certain departmental rooms. These recordings are an easy way to provide your on campus students with a way to review material and rewind on concepts again that may not be clear the first time. Below are some benefits and drawbacks to be aware of when using UD Capture Classroom Capture.


  • Allow on campus students a way to review a topic or concept.
  • Allow groups of your on campus students a way to form study groups by reviewing the recordings together.
  • Record special guest speakers for re-use in later semesters.
  • Allow students that have missed a class due to an illness or sporting event to review content that they may have missed.
  • Allow you as the instructor to edit and re-use topics, concepts, etc for future semesters.
  • Allow you as the instructor to see analytics for video usage among your students.


  • Although UD Capture Classroom Capture records hundreds of sessions weekly, sometimes a problem can occur. You should be prepared for contingencies when a recording is not available due to technical issues.
  • Don’t use UD Capture Classroom Capture recordings as a way to deliver an on-line course in the current semester. Best practice for online course video use should use short, edited video clips that are placed in context with other content.