Classroom Learning Studios

ATS maintains three classroom learning and recording studios located in Pearson Hall on the main campus in Newark, DE. The studios vary in size from a larger lecture room with 78 seats to a smaller seminar style room with 24 seats. All studios feature multiple cameras and microphones that are centrally controlled from our master control room. Content is recorded digitally as MP4 files and uploaded directly to My Media repositories or distributed to individuals via dropbox. Each studio is also equipped with wireless technology so both instructor and students can use their wireless-equipped laptops during class.  Video conferencing services via Zoom are also available.

To schedule a full course or single date recording, please email us at

Please see the links below for a full description of each studio and pricing information:

Studio A – Room 311 Pearson Hall

Studio B – Room 305 Pearson Hall

Studio C – Room 304 Pearson Hall

Studio Pricing