iClicker Classic

iClicker Classic is one of three platforms that instructors can choose among for classroom polling. Students purchase a device similar to a remote control to participate in multiple choice polls. Results are collected and can be displayed in class and uploaded to Canvas as a graded activity.

Did you know there are three polling options available at the University of Delaware?

iClicker software and learning resources


Getting Started


  1. Instructors are encouraged to email udpolling@udel.edu to schedule a consultation to learn about polling options, discuss pedagogical considerations, and set-up integration with Canvas. 
  2. Instructors indicate use of iClickers when submitting textbook orders. This step facilitates the iClicker inventory order and will alert students that the remote is required for your course.
  3. Instructors need a Windows or Macintosh computer in the classroom with the iClicker software.
  4. Students purchase iClicker remotes or textbook/iClicker bundles new or used wherever textbooks are sold.


Software Download

A customized UD software package is available upon request to support iClicker integration with Canvas at the University of Delaware.

For more info about iClicker integration and alternatives, please email udpolling@udel.edu.