Considerations for Recording Candidates for a Job Search

Considerations for Recording Candidates for a Job Search

Recordings of candidate interviews and presentations are a great way to serve members of a search committee that cannot be present. Whether you record the videos yourself, use videographer services from IT University Media Services, use tools like UD Capture Personal Capture, Zoom, or any other method of recording audio and/or video, you should use these guidelines for candidate video recordings.

Before the search

It’s best practice to create a recording only if absolutely necessary as part of the hiring process. You should have have all candidates acknowledge you intend to make a recording, informing them of the purpose of the recording, how it will be used and by whom, and how long it will be retained. It’s your responsibility to retain this acknowledgement.

During the search

To share recordings with members of the search committee, you can upload the videos to UD Capture Space and create a new private channel. By adding the names of the search committee members to a private channel, you ensure that only those members have access to view the recordings. Note, if members are not available to be added, they need to login to UD Capture Space once first.

After the search

Recordings that are created as part of a recruitment effort at UD are considered part of the search committee record and need to be kept in accordance with the current retention policy of Human Resources. You can retain videos using UD Capture Space to store the videos and setting them to private in your My Media.

Best practice would be to designate someone in your department to manage the videos. In this case, you can transfer ownership of videos in UD Capture Space to that person. At the end of the defined retention period, this person can delete them from their My Media of UD Capture Space.